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Posted by on June 27, 2015

I decided to go walk about as they say here in the land of down under after lunch and the beach trip. Walk about turned out to be fun and it is funny what you will find to make you smile when you go walk about in a country very far away from everyone else. I know Australia is not the back water third world or anything (could go out to the bush though) but it still makes me smile when I find these little things.



Australian Country Spinner also known as the Mill shop, guess what is inside?



Yarn of course. So there you go A, I found a huge yarn shop and it made me smile and think of you. Your shops are better of course but they had a lot of stuff here. A lot of stuff. Should have seen the mill end bins…there were ladies fighting over it I swear and yes I got some stuff I am fairly sure you don’t have yet to test out.


All in all it was another nice day here even though it is supposed to be  “Winter” weather is beautiful and I am enjoying spending time with me and the fur kids. Amazing how much you can enjoy spending time with yourself when the weight of everything does not feel pressed down on you. Not saying life is perfect, it is not by any means but my outlook is different and I am finding things to be better overall.

It is late in the land down under so time to get some rest for this traveler and look at me two blog posts in one day. I will put that in the good column as well.

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