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Posted by on April 2, 2013

So I had my first of my scheduled treatments yesterday. I will not go to far into detail about it in a public forum even my own blog because I do not wish any kind of issue for the person who gives the treatment. Little paranoid maybe but I have been in the military I know how the stuff works on that. Ha. So far I have to say repeat my thought on this stuff when I found out about it, “WHY DON’T WE USE THIS?!”

After one treatment which was about 10 hours long I am feeling in short amazing. Almost like brand new. Hugs all around at breakfast this morning. Now I am not naive enough to think I do not still have work to do of course I do, but having the things that were blocking me so badly removed is very freeing.  I have my second treatment next week nice to feel better really is.

Onto the second part of the title, been listening to music most of the day today for a variety of reasons. When it stuck me while listening that Girl On Fire..is so Ambs. I know your going to read this 😛 and I know you have been listening to Girl on Fire for a dance routine, but seriously it is SO you and I am sure others will agree with me.

So that is the update as of April 2nd..time to go kick the Swede’s but in a wrestling match.

3 Responses to “Treatment and Girl on Fire”

  1. From don’t touch me to wrestling, yeah I would say marked improvement way to go!

    I do like that song…heh me? Hmm I dunno maybe.

  2. Melda says:

    Yes Amby it is soooo you.. and J.. I am soooo happy to hear that you are feeling better!! I’m very glad it is working.. actually recommended the treatment to an Army friend who is cracking from his PTSD… it’s awesome that it is there.. I sooo wish they could get their heads out of their asses about it and legalize it for medical use.

    • Legolas Devildog says:

      Yeah it would be nice if the government would look at what happens on the good side and in a controlled environment.

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