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Posted by on January 6, 2016

That was picking on the older homeless dude I hope you learned a lesson tonight. Jackass.

I now know the reason I felt I needed to take my dogs out for a walk at just after 1 in the morning. I was supposed to show up as you were harassing the poor older gentleman and then getting physical with him. For what? Because you didn’t like that he had found some shelter in the park? How was that effecting you?

Bet it effected you getting shoved back by someone who could defend themselves. Funny cause your punk little ass ran off. Screw you douche bag. That nice older man you were giving grief served his country, lost his wife and a variety of other things. I know because I asked. I treated him like a human being. Also gave him my jacket, gloves, scarf, hat and every dollar I had in my pocket. Money which I had to convince him to take and told him to consider it a gift between brothers in arms. Might not have been much but least he could be warmer and get some food. Offered him a ride to get some as well but he declined. Did accept to let me come get him so he could do some odd jobs for me when I am in town so he could have a little job to earn a little money. He wants to work for what he gets…probably more then you little jackass. I will be speaking to other members of the household to see if they will let him do odd jobs when I am not here and they are as well. Guess what I live with human beings so I bet that wont be an issue.

So yeah screw you whoever you were that was being a douche bag instead of a decent human. Least you could have done was just leave the guy alone he wasn’t harming you or asking you for anything at all. Better hope I don’t see you again before I go back to my intern work..punk.

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