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Posted by on January 3, 2014

I have been busy insanely busy really with work and school and then winter break but more work. Funny how life is right? So I have not been a faithful blogger, I have made a new years resolution about that and I hope that I can keep it. I gave myself until Feb to kick up the full on blogging the headache (shrink) wants me to get back to it too. I don’t blame him I have recluse acted a bit again which is a bad idea. So now to the title, to change or not to change.

For a long time now I have been an rper in the realm of Second Life Gor. My Character reflects a fair amount of me and I am happy with that, content with it even. But lately I have been exploring making the Character a little darker, not cruel by any means that is not my style. But after a talk with a new family friend I am finding inspiration where it has been suggested I look. And yes..do not laugh at the Meme’s about to be posted because..I do have a bro crush and fan boy thing going on, but seriously the inspiration fits.






So the question becomes do I make the change? Do I make the character I currently have a bit darker..or do I make a completely new character? I am not sure I want to completely start over I have a long line of established play currently, and those I love and care for there. Yes I know they would play with anything new I started but I think there could be a way to make the transition. Maybe. Or maybe I should just chuck it.

One Response to “To change or not to change..that is the question.”

  1. Melda says:

    Should do what you feel is best… but a darker side could be kinda hot 😛

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