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Posted by on March 11, 2013

Motherhood is good on our pink lady of the family. As expected of course she is a great Mom too. P makes for a very good Dad as well very protective, very Russian about it. What surprised me to my toes was when V came home after an outing with Ambs and presented…


She got inked! Now I of course have nothing against ink, I have ink and several family members have ink. I just never thought that V would get ink. I think its very cool she did. I love the ink very very HER the butterfly of course is for little Ana because that is just how V rolls as it were. I am still however surprised Ambs must be rubbing off. What with her current count of 5 and her 5 more planned. Have to give her credit though I have loved every one of her designs, next is going to be to ask if she will design me something. I think I will be getting something in elvish she does after all speak near perfect Sindarin I need to brush up on mine.

Maybe something like this? It is Semper Fidelis in Elvish.


2 Responses to “The Pink Lady”

  1. Melda says:

    V’s tattoo is beautiful and very her.. Your idea for the elvish Semper Fidelis is very you as well, I like it! I vote yes.. if you are taking votes lol

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