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Posted by on February 11, 2013

Well I have been silent on the blog for nearly a week sorry about that. I had to deal with some stuff with the migraine and than I was traveling. I am not as good a traveling as I used to be so that took a little recovery I am in the land of Sunshine! One of my dear cousins is a short time away from having her first baby ( 2 months) and can not travel, we family wanted to see her so we came out to see her. I have to say the house that my other dear cousin owns is very nice and relaxing.

I am spending some time on the beach which is rather healing the sounds of the water especially. Devil dog and I go for a walk on the beach in the morning and he really seems to like the sand between his paws. Since he comes from the land of sand I suppose it reminds him of home, of course it is not nearly as hot.

Picked up War and Peace today. A classic always a good read yah?

2 Responses to “The land of Sunshine”

  1. Melda says:

    I’m probably gonna re-read the Hunger Games series soon.. I downloaded all the old classics on my kindle app though.. including War and Peace I think.. my to read list is huge now.. keep getting told I need to try again to read The Lord of the Rings trilogy too..

  2. It is a good set of books.

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