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Posted by on August 24, 2015

Life, as always is full of ups and downs. This month has been one of those roller coaster rides for me and the family. I am not sure how many posts I will be making public for a while but that is a personal choice as I work through my grief. It hasn’t completely beaten me into the ground yet so I consider that a win.

Mom passed away on the 20th at 10pm, we knew it was coming and even though she didn’t know we were there she was surrounded by family. There was no funeral just a memorial service as that was the wishes Mom laid out years ago and we all respected it to the letter. I cannot thank my cousin and best friend A enough for the beautiful rendition of You Raise me up, Mom’s favorite song and the only one she asked for to be song at her memorial by the singer of her choice too. Thank you.

It is hard to find any good in the grief but there is some.Mom is no longer in pain and no longer suffering with the sickness that took her away from us many years ago. That is something good, it is nice to think that on the other side she is happy and whole again and with Dad.

The rest of it is as much as my first reaction is to lay down and let the grief get to me. I can’t. I have commitments to keep and work to do. I think that will be good for me. Mom would want me to keep moving forward and progressing. Not easy but that’s life right?

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  1. melda says:

    Im sorry you have been through all this. I wish I had seen this earlier.. A told me very recently. Letter coming soon with updates. No email access just yet..

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