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Posted by on January 29, 2014

I spent a rousing couple of hours talking about the proper way to do a couple of things. As a “bloody colonial” (said in jest of course), I apparently do many things wrong. This is not kept to spelling or calling things a cookie instead of a biscuit and elevator instead of lift ect. This apparently (and okay I did get educated on this one before) includes eating a scone with butter.

The proper way to eat a scone is with clotted cream and jam and a perfect brew. Not coffee my fellow Americans, tea of course.

I was even supplied with pictorial guide lines:


Useful the picture and all now to me that clotted cream looks a lot like butter. I know it isn’t I have had it, still it LOOKS like butter. Why can’t I eat my scone with butter?

My own pictorial guideline:

buttered scone

See nothing wrong with a buttered scone. Ah well it was all in good fun and I actually enjoying doing the comparison thing with different foods.  Now if we can just get the use of the word Football right…

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