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Posted by on January 29, 2013

Yeah another Meme that Amb’s has started that I thought looked pretty interesting to do. Writing is good says the migraine maker.


How do you feel about semi-child free weddings, where some children are invited yet others aren’t? Do you think it’s safe to assume kids of all ages are invited to the wedding unless the invitation specifically says it’s an adults only celebration?


I think it depends on what the key is for “some children are invited and others are not”. If it is an age limit thing then I think that is okay. Let’s face it a  2 year old is going to act very different in a wedding situation than say a 9 or 10 year old. If it is however a case of so and so’s kids can come but so and so number 2’s can not that is wrong.

I do think that if the invite does not say child free or no children under x age that it is an all ages thing. Traditionally unless otherwise mentioned kids have been allowed at weddings.


And now fully not related to this post..this is very funny.


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  1. Oh great combine potter nerd and lotr nerd.

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