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Posted by on March 27, 2013

After much thought and looking at the program information I have I have enrolled to start studying to become a Teacher I am going to specialize (and here is where my history buff you know who you are is going to cheer) in Social Studies History at a Secondary school level ie High School. I have put in my paperwork to an accelerated program because I actually have a fair amount of credit from when I attended school before that can count towards a Teaching Degree. It will still take at minimum 2 years more likely 3 (that is instead of 5 mind you). No big deal I am excited to do it and because of my language skills I was told it is likely I will be looked at for possible language positions as well. Not going to be my focus of course but hey it is nice to have the skill.

I won’t find out until next week if I have been accepted into the two (yes two) programs I applied for. One is local and one is a correspondence (distance) course. The main program also allows me to study abroad with some sister schools, one in Denmark which I will very likely take them up on if I am accepted when my Sister goes home with my utterly cute Nephew. I am the only one who can sing soft kitty JUST the way he likes it. Yes I take my Soft kitty duties VERY seriously. Mom really does not know who I am anymore at all so going to see her tends to just upset her. I am still concerned of course but I have been wondering if it would be better not to upset her by visiting. She does not know who I am at all, so the visits are more for me. Debating on that anyways.

I really hope to be accepted. What will be funny of course will be becoming a teacher…I will actually be called Mr. Jefferson. I may have to try to find a school that has a Mr. Adams just well come on you know. Or maybe I will be one of those hippie teachers and have them address me by my first name. Probably not I think our kids today need the structure of calling teachers Mr. Ms. or Mrs. or Miss. Personally opinion.

In the mean time and here again my Sister pointed and laughed and I know a certain brunette who is going to butt wiggle all the way around her hotel room. I have two interviews in May. One will be at a school to be the assistant librarian next school year. Turns out you don’t need to have a degree if you know books to just help out and what have. The other is at one of the 5 (yeah this not very large down has 5) local libraries to be an assistant librarian as well. Really a glorified book shelver I know but it is part time and flexible which I will need for my studies.

Why did I schedule the interviews for May? Well first because that was the preferred time for them because of budgets and the like. Second because I have followed up on the previously mentioned MDMA treatments, gotten into a program and want to make sure it has worked to make me more stable.

6 Responses to “Teacher it is”

  1. Ambrosia says:

    Do we get to start singing hot for teacher?

  2. Melda says:

    I already am.. who you kiddin?? lol You will be a great teacher J.. I know if I had a teacher like you for social studies.. I would have actually paid attention 😛

    • Legolas Devildog says:

      Already am what? Singing Hot for Teacher? Well I hope I am a good teacher I look forward to studying and teaching. There is going to be something like 3 million teachers retiring in the next 10 years so there is a need.

  3. Melda says:

    of course singing hot for teacher… kinda always have been.. silly man.. and there is always a need for good teachers
    I think you will be great

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