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Posted by on June 7, 2013

Real conversation seriously,

Me: “So what sights are we going to see today? London bridge would be cool..”

A: “Shopping.”

Me: “You know I do not shop.”

A: “Shopping.”

Me: “You know I break out in hives.”

A: “So take a benadryl and lets go.”

Me: Stunned silent.

A: “Benadryl, shopping and then London bridge.”

Me: “Well..I guess that is fair. Can I make it a Lager instead of a Benadryl?”

A: “Pubs on the corner”

So yes..shopping. Shopping was to be had a lot of shopping. High street shopping. To many stores! At least I was not forced into any cute hats.


or High heeled shoes


I did however get dragged to a place like this..


There is now semi blackmail material…


At least this place made me laugh…


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