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Posted by on November 28, 2015

Well what a week it has been. Rewarding, exhausting and educational along with a host of other emotions. Save for Monday I was at the school everyday this week and I truly enjoyed the work. The children at the school are wonderful. They are bright, engaging, polite and it is just something completely different to get to work with them. Yes you can do the book learning and you know how to expect things to go, but really nothing compares. It has surprised me how much the kids have seemed to take a liking to me. Most of the staff (but not all) eat lunch on their own in offices or the like. I prefer to spend it with the kids and I am never disappointed in company. I dare say we may have to set up a rota if that is not giving into ego.

While the UK does not observe Thanksgiving a family with several Americans in it does. So there was of course a fantastic feast of Thanksgiving and more food then you could shake a stick at. A out did her self this year and everything tasted truly fantastic. Even if I did end up with a bit of pie in my face at the end of it all for saying someone was being broody.

While I may not have school today there is no less work to be done. I will be giving my first solo lesson on Tuesday so I shall have to prepare for that. Then of course it is Saturday and you know what that means here in the UK oh yes, Strictly day. There is glitter, there is glam there is hustle bustle and of course there shall be dancing.

Perhaps I should be a bit off the cuff and give my lesson on Tuesday about the History of dancing. It is an arts styled school after all!

Sunday I have decided I don’t think if anyone thinks it manly or not I shall spend a good deal of the day doing some crochet. If nothing else this evil plan of mine shall keep A in a somewhat restful place. I shall be the only guard on duty and this could be a dubious task with no backup to call in. Certainly one of those days when one wishes there was some cavalry to call in and help keep the lady off ankles that are sure to be swollen.

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