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Posted by on February 8, 2014


I know it is only Saturday and not even really that late on Saturday but you know, I am ready to stick a fork in the weekend and call it done. I am a guy who thinks the weekend is Fri-Sat-Sun even if you work on Friday, just how I feel about it. Not that it really matters and I am just kind of rolling along with some chatter right now.

Anyways I have been making great progress in all things dealing with the PTSD, but I am well aware it is not an overnight battle. I am also aware many like me never fully recover, you deal you make progress you get to a point but you may never be exactly what you were before. I didn’t used to be a stay in the negative mind space mood kind of person, and in general I try not to be now. But with the way stuff has shaped up this weekend I am ready to shut the door, lock it and tell everyone to leave me alone until Monday. Have to come out eventually right?

Arty seems to fully support this state of mind by laying on my feet and making sure I don’t move or disturb her. I am not arguing she worked hard all week and deserves a little R&R, though she is as the loving dog she is “on” all the time anyways. So there I blogged about it. Got it off my chest. Now if you excuse me I am locking the door pulling up the blankets and taking command of the remote.

Fork. Done. Me. Today.

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