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Posted by on May 17, 2013

Okay so I have had some asking about the song writing process and how long it takes from writing to producing to posting or what have. How long it takes and all of that. Well it is never a cut and dry answer it really depends on the song. Obviously if I am playing around with a cover that is a lot easier than a full scale song I work on myself. It generally takes me several months to get to where I am happy enough with a piece to let people listen to it. For me lyrics are usually pretty easy it is the arrangement of the music that will hold me up for a long time. I like to make sure it is just right. Even then it really does depend on the song.

An example is that some of the recent works like Love I Meant to Say and Heart Shaped Wreckage while new to being posted are not new to me as it were. Those two were done around the same time and back around Christmas time. So there is a bit of a time line on that. Hope that answers those who were curious about time and process and all of that.


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