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Posted by on January 18, 2013

I have a very persistent family it would seem. They wanted me to blog, I am not really sure why anyone in the universe would want to read what I have to say, but here we are. When the women of the family gang up on you and say here. You tend to listen. I know Amb’s has a different theme planned so I will not make to much effort to get to know this one to well and just post and wait.

Today was an okay day. No Doctor’s appointments which will always make for something that is easier. I am a little bit broody over a few issues in my life that are kind of left hanging, but there is not much I can do about them. I am sure at some time in the future choices will be made and things will go from there, but for now there is limbo.

My nephew has been making me laugh a lot today. It is amazing how children can be in their own world and yet they know what is going on around them. He is a fantastic kid and getting to be good on his legs, even if his Mom does insist on taking pictures like the Viking one she posted on her facebook. At least as far as I know there have been none of those in the bath or baby butt shots so many parents have. WHY do they do that?

Closing for now for anyone who may read this. I have to say I like wordpress better than my last attempt which was on Blogger.


2 Responses to “So here it is.”

  1. Melda says:

    I will be reading, ya goofball.. But the point isn’t to write for someone else… write for you. And you can even make some posts private so only you can read them. It really does help dear.

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