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Posted by on September 10, 2013

Yeah okay the title really has little to do with the post, just happens to be the song on my MP3 player at the moment while I type this. Been a while since I have updated the blog, and I will need to make sure I stay on top of it. The migraine wants me to keep the outlet going, and I know I need too as well.

I am working hard at the library and I have started school. I am really enjoying being back in school, between the distance courses and the local I am ending up with about 6-8 hours of school work a day. Forgot how long it could take to do that stuff ha ha! I am enjoying it though. Have also been doing some song work and hashing out for Hit List. Not sure when the project will be finished but it is alright I use it as my creative outlet when my brain needs to get away from facts and figures.

I have a standing invite to go to England for a few days at the end of the month. Which may work out with some course work I will be doing at that time, a paper on some English history. What better reference when some of the archives over there right? Today I am not in at the library so I can catch up on some of the school reading I need to tend to and make sure I stay on top of stuff. I also plan to hit the gym have not done that in the last week and feeling like a slug for it.

Interesting post right? Ha Ha well no one said I was a master of the interesting. I also plan to try to get some RP in on SL because that is a good relief point as well. To bad I know I won’t get to RP with the person I want to. Ah well what can you do?

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