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Posted by on February 10, 2014

Paperback, 448 pages
Published July 1st 1995 by Signet
0451184327 (ISBN13: 9780451184320)

In First Offence, Nancy Taylor Rosenberg draws on her personal experience as a California probation officer to create a remarkable heroine in Ann Carlisle, who suddenly finds herself the target of someone who wishes to harm not only her but also her teenage son. As a probation officer, Ann knows what it means to walk a treacherously thin line between dangerous criminals who have scores to settle – and the system that seeks to punish them. As a wife, she holds closely guarded secrets about her life with her police officer husband, who inexplicably vanished four years ago. And as a woman who has been sexually reawakened by a handsome, hard-driving district attorney after being alone too long, she is haunted by the specter of a mate who may suddenly reappear…and terrified of an unknown enemy who seems to know her every move and thought. The danger is clear to Ann from the moment a bullet hits her while she is leaving work one day. Ironically, the man who comes to her and saves her life is one of the first offenders she is supervising – convicted drug dealer Jimmy Sawyer. What was this smooth-talking, slick-moving, almost too good-looking young man doing at the scene of the shooting? No one is able to help Ann find answers, not her dynamic, career-obsessed lover, or the cops who were buddies of her missing husband and who look on her as prone to shock and fantasy – especially when the evidence of an unspeakable crime she finds in Jimmy Sawyer’s house disappears before she can prove it existed. Meanwhile, she is investigating a man accused of a series of brutal rapes, never suspecting his case will have a bearing on her own growing peril

My Review:

Some books never go out of style and for me Rosenberg is one of those Authors. I read one or two of her books a long time back so I decided to start reading them again now. First offense is a great read and if you like True Crime you will enjoy this one.

Well written with a good eye to detail you feel like you are in the thick of the story along with the heroine Ann. You can tell the parts where Rosenberg drew on personal experience and even if it wasn’t personal you can tell she did a lot of research on the other parts. There were maybe a chapter or two that for me dragged a little bit which is why I give it 4 instead of 5.

My rating in the end: 4 bows (might have a fun graphic later)

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