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Posted by on May 31, 2016

Buy a country pile that is basic ruins and fix it up? Sure why not. At least that is an idea looming around in my head as I try to sleep these days. I have not been a great blogger lately but that is what it is because I have been very busy.

Later today I will be graduating and be able to teach. I have not decided if I will actually walk with everyone or not, I know it is a big milestone and all of that but there are other things going on that are bigger and the idea of sitting in a large space with a lot of people most of which I don’t know seems a bit meh to me. We will see how my brain swings in another few hours however. Never know, I swear I am getting as bad as Amby.

Gwen said notice came through that everything with Mom’s will and the stinking pain in the rear insurance is finally settled. So that is a weight off the shoulders. Still deep in mourning and I miss her everyday but it feels a little better to have those things closed at least.

Next month I will be leaving for Thailand to get my residence and the school ready for the at least 6 months I will be there, it could be longer. But I am also left thinking about what to do after I am done with that. Nothing in my life really looks like I thought it would right now. I thought I would have a significant other with me when I graduated and I thought I would be factoring all of that into my choices as I moved forward. That is not the case however, so I am left kind of going well what now.

Having been a student teacher in both the US and UK I can say the school system in the UK is superior and a much better environment for teachers and children. Funding is cut everywhere in the US and everything is so focused on standard tests and pushing students through to the next level, it seems to me that the art of teaching is being forgotten. Especially when it comes to children with special ED issues. I am sure there are some good places and programs but on a whole it really is a bit of a sad state. Common core math…..don’t even get me started on that one. So then what?

Within a series of instructions left by my Mom she asked that I think about home and hearth with my inheritance. It was not a you have to do this or you get nothing sort of thing, but it is something to think about. I am blessed that my cousin doesn’t mind keeping me around as a lodger but it would be nice to think about the future a bit and my own space. Even if it is something that hurts sometimes because I thought that would be done with another person as well. Can’t linger and waver forever right?

Cue watching some programs with Amby as neither of us could sleep and the BBC series restoration house. People taking on these historical properties that are falling into ruin and fixing them up. At first watch there is a cringe and wince and lord look at how much all of that costs! Entertaining to watch but nothing to consider seriously as something a modest income person could do, until the episode about Landshipping house. A stunning estate that is basically a ruin. A man and his partner who do 90% of the work themselves and re-purpousing materials they get for low cost to free. Taking a ruin that had no roof even and making it livable. Now that is something I could do.

I love working with my hands. I love building things. I am going to be building the modest quarters I will stay in while I work in Thailand. I can find some peace and solace when I am creating something with my hands. The idea of taking something that has a deep rooted history and bringing it back to life appeals to me a great deal. Maybe it is a laughable thought but I am seriously considering the idea. Maybe someday I will even have the family of my own (aside from the cousins and those kidlets which I LOVE) to put within the home. Maybe. Or maybe not. Either way I find myself looking at some listings and giving them some serious consideration. Foolhardy, maybe but I am enjoying the process at any rate. Mom loved history so I know the idea would please her as well, she always wanted to have a little “English cottage” to retire too and a couple of goats. She never said why the goats but it was a nice picture to us when we were kids.

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