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Posted by on May 23, 2015

Quotation-Matthew-W-Grant-life-live-consequences-Meetville-Quotes-43330In leiu of what has been going on this past week for me. I am very focused on not falling back into a pattern myself. I see others taking patterns of spiraling that seem to be on a steady clock of when they will happen and what happens with them.

Introspection and therapy work has made me very determined not to fall into my own response pattern with such things. Life has been shitty lately, Mom being in a coma and on  vent, car accident and all the rest of it. I am determined however to make a new pattern for myself. A new set of choices a new way of dealing with what is happening. So far, I think I am succeeding. Rather then fully shut myself off I have found someone to talk to about things. I have also gotten a flurry of songs done. I am by no means perfect and have slipped here and there, but I am working actively on myself everyday. One step at a time towards being better.




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