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Posted by on November 19, 2015

Coming to you from really high up in the sky somewhere near an Island called England…how is that for specific 😉

I may just be easily amused that I have access to the web up here. Novel I know.

Lady next to me has been chatting for most of the trip. She thinks the pups are the cutest thing on the planet..and so well behaved and all that. She is nice but I finally got my earbuds in so I could just kind of chill and listen to some music. I am not a good flyer. Should be landing in about an hour though if the winds keep going in the right direction. Thumbs up.

So just hit this song on ye ole playlist and since I hear a certain gestating gal has been swaying with a flash light and or lighter 😉

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  1. melda says:

    Love the songs.

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