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Posted by on December 1, 2015

I was supposed to get to sleep in today as I don’t have to go into the school. I have some of my own lessons I have to do via the wonderful world wide web. Yup I was supposed to get to sleep in. Ha ha ha ha. Woke up at 4am. No one woke me up did it all on my own, one of those things sometimes you just wake up eh?

December 1st. Wow year has been flying by. Been a year of ups and downs and downs and ups. Honestly I will be happy when this year is over but I have come a long way anyways at any rate.

So to do list today is pretty simple.

1. Do my school work.
2. Make A smile just once, been about 3 days since anyone has seen a smile world is a darker place indeed.
3. Do not wear baby spit for 4 hours and not notice like yesterday. Maybe its just awesome uncle powers or something?

That is the to do list. Yeah it may get longer but therapist says to make a daily to do list that is achievable so one can feel like they have accomplished something even on the darkest feeling days. Not the worst advice ever.

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