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Posted by on December 23, 2016

My considerable mouth gets my in trouble sometimes. The other day was one of those days. My cousin has been prepping her 2017 challenges for reading and whatever else this year, as she tends to do every year. Love her, she is crazy with all the planning and tasks every year, but putting all of that aside. I opened my big mouth and said something about how I had no issue reading anything at all that she read. A little bit of that anything you can do I can do better mentality. Yeah, so that was a mistake. Obviously. So it looks like in 2017 I will be reading every book that my cousin reads after she does. She wants me to post a review as well, but I have been sucking royally at review posts in the past and I am not sure yet if I will keep the blog going. Alas, I have given my word so I will be reading whatever she reads this year. Looking at a few of the challenges she is picking, it might be time to get a little bit worried about that. Or maybe a lot worried. Historical romance challenge….goodie goodie. At least I don’t see any Taboo Erotica challenges listed as of yet….that YET being the keyword of course.

Other random musing’s of the day would be why do paranoid insane people always have to try and tell everyone else what to do with their life? I mean seriously. There are some people on this planet that I would not have a second thought about ringing their neck, personally. I really wouldn’t as terrible as that sounds. Hey I have never said I didn’t have a dark side. I can handle it most of the time, but other times I really do feel like I am going to lose it one day and end up being put into the prison system or dead myself. If I have to see or hear or feel the pain of someone else I care about due to some paranoid jackass being a fuck twat, I think I am going to truly end up losing my cool for good. Extreme thoughts maybe, but it is how I am feeling at the moment and I have been told by several therapists it is better to get it out then keep it in.

I get it the world is an imperfect place. We all get hurt and yes there are scammers and scam artists out there. There are even some truly odd and sick people out there as well. However and to me this is the important part. All of those people even the truly sick ones have some kind of end game. It is for attention, or some kind of high they get over that attention, or money or something else. There is ALWAYS and end game. Moreover, as soon as things get tough, rough, or too dramatic on the other end they drop off the face of the earth. Scammers who want money, simply want money if they don’t see a chance of getting any they move on to the next mark. If the scammer wants attention, they are going to of course move away from someone who takes attention away from them and needs it themselves. I have met scammers before on all ranges and they ALWAYS have an end game. Every single one. Moreover, I have yet to meet a single one or hear of a single one that put out things on their own or stayed around when the “world” blew up. The bottom line is scammers on any level money or no money whatever, are selfish people. When something isn’t about them or a situation is harmful to THEM they will just go away, poof. The people they are dealing with don’t mean a single thing to them. That is the bottom line. That is how it works.

Now just because a person is private, or the internet says one thing that suddenly means they are a scammer? Or a person who doesn’t exist? A person who is fake? Whatever the excuse is. Really? I hate to break it to the tin foil hat crowd but you really shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet. I mean seriously, don’t kids learn that in preschool these days? You also can’t believe everything you read in the news outlets, papers, magazines any of that these days. It is simply way to easy to manipulate those sources these days. Anyone who doesn’t think that there are people like Olivia Pope from Scandal and other types of fixers, really is naive. Moreover, it is laughable that someone who doesn’t believe in that sort of fixing or similar is also paranoid. I mean isn’t that the first thing the tin at types go for?

I am not the kind of guy who is going to run around and shout that big brother is out to get me and everyone hide your daughters. However, I am someone who is here to say having seen some of it in action myself fixers exist. By the way paranoid you may wanna do a little bit of basic research into time periods like the hay day of Vegas and Old Hollywood it is no secret there was a big famous Fixer named Eddie Mannix. Just because it has gone down into the more silent realms again doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Lordie. It is not hard to hack things now a days and frankly that is just how the world is. Accept it. That doesn’t mean all the people involved in these things are bad. Also doesn’t mean they are all good. The world is what it is and some people want to do a great deal of good while also staying under the radar. Can you blame them? This generation truly does seem to be generation who wants to know what other people are up to the most. Of course you can thank things like Twitter and Facebook and so on for that.

I really dislike people who try to discredit or make fake other good people for their own gains. They want to strike out and hurt someone in order to get their own ends. They don’t care who they end up hurting on the way either. So, who is really the fake person there?

So this has been a bit of endless prattle trap but I needed to get it off my chest. A reminder again not worth the jail time not worth the jail time not worth the jail time. Seriously though. Sick of seeing important people in my life hurt, one of these days it just might be worth the jail time.

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