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Posted by on January 28, 2013

I am alive after the dinner last night everyone seemed to like it. I can cook but I am by no means the Chef of the family so it was nice to have my food appreciated. Because of that success and because it is cold as a well diggers butt today here I decided to dig through someones recipe cards again and make some chili.

You should have seen my face when I saw the cook time on the card = 12 hours. GOOD GRIEF CHARLIE BROWN!

I am not going to muck up the way it is done though because it is some darn good chili so I started cooking about 6am this morning.

It is a bean-less chili (sorry Melda) so lots of meat.



I combined all the given spices and the tomato base. Added the 2lbs of browned ground beef and waited for 2 hours. Than I added the 1lb of browned pork sausage. Now of course I sit and wait. The good thing about starting it so early. There was only one cat to fend off everyone else was sleeping.


She is a sweet cat and is pretty much always up on her little space of counter since her sister Bellie passed away. I really can’t blame her for feeling a bit off kilter and having her one safe spot. So I always try to pet her a bit extra and I don’t mind her being around while I am cooking, as long as she does not try to steal the food.

2 Responses to “Mega Meat Chili”

  1. melda says:

    I like meaty chili too.. I just happened to use a lot of beans that time. lol.. looks good… glad to see you having fun with cooking.. it can be therapeutic.

  2. So where is my bowl Mr. Chef?

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