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Posted by on January 27, 2013

Today I decided to make dinner I am using one of Amb’s recipes and I know if I do not get it wrong I will be shot as soon as she sees me, and she won’t miss. It is a process and I will document in the post as I go then post it when I am done. So yes I know those who see this when its posted won’t need the for warning but I am talking out loud as it were.

Step 1:

Combine chopped chicken, diced taters, corn and Amb’s secret spice blend in a fry pan and cook it all up.


Step 2: Avoid the cats trying to kill you and steal the food..


Step 3: Make homemade bread dough and set aside to rise.

Step 4: After cleaning counter (again) due to vulture like cats use tried and tested paper bag, add flour knead dough.


Step 5: After realizing you can not find the rolling pin and saying some colorful words about it..use wine bottle and roll out dough.


Step 6: Cut into whatever shapes you want. I am not skilled at making them pretty like Ambs so I did regular squares. Add the filling you made.


Step 7: Add cheese. Do not forget cheese, because really does any Amb’s recipe not have cheese in it?


Step 8: Butter up tried and trusty baking pan..wrap up shapes mine end up looking like mummies. I am okay with that, Ambs likes Egyptian things. Butter little mummies and stick in the oven at 350 until cooked well and golden brown.


Step 9: Admire handy work as it cools.


Step 10: Serve up (Ambs always puts some kind of sauce on hers but you can do it how you like I did shredded parm) and Eat…praying you did not muck it up because your Sister will tattle on you if you did.


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  1. Well from the Pictures it looks like you did good. I will have to ask your Sister 🙂

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