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Posted by on April 7, 2013

Birthday’s all around these days and I want to make my nephews one a special one. Now I am not a master baker by any means. Although by other posts you can see I do clearly enjoy cooking. So I said to myself, “Self we are going to make the adult and baby cake for the upcoming birthday!” because a smart person knows with a little baby you need to have one cake for the baby to drool, finger, destroy ect and one that you know can actually be eaten. Of course I am not going to do this without trying it first like I said I am not a baker.

Chocolate is the order of the day..have you seen how many women are in my family? If you haven’t just trust me..Many many many many. Not to mention one chocolate fiend of a Russian who can almost put the ladies to shame.


Okay so I see now in the picture that it was a little bit bumpy but again I am not a baker. Did I mention this was not a mix? Nope I made it the good ole fashioned way that Great Grandma used to… Thank you again for leaving your recipe box behind Amby. So while the cake was baking up in the oven I took out another recipe and made two frosting’s from scratch, White and Chocolate.


Alright so they look alright, taste alright I got the opinion of Gwen she agreed tasted pretty good to her. It was about time to take out the cakes about then.


Okay so that does not look to bad right? I think I did alright. I hope I did alright. Then came the letting it cool and frosting stage and I will admit that it was a mess. Complete, total, utter I should maybe not have gone for a triple layer cake out of the box kind of mess. But I cleaned it up and in the end.


Not so bad. Yes I cleaned up most of the mess before I went ahead and took the picture. I could hear the shrieking coming all the way from England….if I put a messy picture up. Sure could.

picEc795FAnd here is a piece of the cake. It looks pretty good and best of all it tastes good. There is at the time of publishing this there is only one bit of it left and I did not eat all of that myself. So there you have it. Looks like I can make cake.  Think it is party serviceable?


2 Responses to “Let them eat CAKE!”

  1. Gwen says:

    Your cake was sinful Brother mine. Love it!

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