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Posted by on February 17, 2016


Sometimes it can be easy to forget that everyone is dealing with things that we don’t see. When you look at a life it can appear to be a dream life or perfect from the outside but you never know what battles someone is dealing with. It is amazing how much can be hidden behind a smile and the phrase I am fine. Which should always be the first hint that something is up.

I am sorry I failed to see past things earlier, I take it as one of my jobs that is what family does.

Blessed be A for she very rarely asks for help for herself. As so strongly shown when I came upon her this morning, sitting in a heap on the floor sobbing. When I got to her all she could hiccup out is, “I’m sorry. It’s fine. I am fine, I have no right to be having trouble when I have so much to be thankful for. I am blessed.”

I am probably going to get smacked ala gibbs for saying anything but I had to. Because dear sweet cousin you do have much in life to be thankful for and you give thanks for it all the time. Generous warm hearted cousin you are blessed but that does not mean you can’t feel overwhelmed by things from time to time. Especially when you carry so much on your shoulders and in your heart for so many.

So I put my cousinly foot down and declared this weekend will be the weekend of Let it go. What does that mean? It means a trip to the middle of nowhere mother nature, with the chosen fur kids (I am not a moron the Dutchy is a must) but no two legged kids. They will be perfectly fine and taken care of. You, Me the furballs and whatever nature has to offer for the weekend.

We all need to recharge our batteries sometimes no matter what life has. We all have our struggles, our burdens. No matter what. But family means no one is life behind, not even the strongest of us. When you fall you will be picked up, strong weak it doesn’t matter. Maybe I am old fashioned or maybe I am to strong in some beliefs but to bad I am who I am and I protect those who I care about to the best of my ability. Even if it gets me gibbs slapped once in a while. Small price to pay. Everyone needs shelter once in a while.


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