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Posted by on December 17, 2015

Yes some kids are holy terrors but on the whole kids are great. I have enjoyed my work so far teaching. Winter break is now in place so no more of that until after New Years but still surrounded by kids at the house so thumbs up to that.

Sure sleep is lacking but fair trade for how much kids can make you smile and laugh. Also have to love the straight forward way they address things. Kids don’t play games if they have something to say they just come out and say it. They want something that ask for it. Sure not always the most polite way but that is our job as adults to help make sure they get it the polite way the next time. Spending the majority of my time with kids the last several weeks has been refreshing and even a little recharging. No guessing games, nothing I am supposed to divine from something else being said. I like it. I wish all of us adults could be more like kids with that. The world as a whole would be happier I think. At the very least we would all understand each other better.

Survived the trip to the market yesterday and managed to get the last two gifts I needed to. Score a point for me! Not sure I am going to end up surviving the makeover that I agreed to from A. I will still do it though because I know it will calm and relax her some during this one of her most stressful work weeks of the year. It is the least I can do and the bonus side is I am sure to look extremely well turned out for my date this evening. I will of course fully admit to being dressed by my cousin. I am not a bad dresser persay but I don’t mind nearly as many details as she does, lol.

Well time to get some breakfast going for the household. Alonsy!

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