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Posted by on February 5, 2013

Congrats are in order for the family members affectionately known as the A team for they are expecting a new little bundle of joy to go along with peanut who we all love and adore. I am very happy for them! Of course V & P are also expecting a little bundle in April so fun times ahead. Makes someone want to go out and have some of the little cute stinkers themselves. For now however I will live through others.

So it is Tuesday other than that big announcement not a whole lot going on. Saw the migraine yesterday and things are going alright I guess. I have started working with my music again which is a good thing and the migraine agrees. However on some other issue I have hit a wall, the migraine is not happy with that but agrees that it does happen especially with those who have been dealing with things untreated as long as I have. So there we go. At least I am not a freak of nature on that front.

I am teaching Devil Dog to walk on a leash. He is a funny character and so used to going with me anywhere he wants that he does not like being left behind when I am out on a walk. I can’t just let him run free here stateside so I got him a harness and a leash in camo of course. The last couple days have been to cold out but the weather man says it is going to warm up soon. Migraine also actually had the idea to have Devil Dog certified as a service animal so my project for today is going to be looking into that. Can you picture the face in Walmart to seeing a service cat? Worth it alone.

Selected a book from Ambs shelves to read maybe I will get it done before she gets back.

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