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Posted by on May 24, 2015


One part of my homework is to share some small part of what I did while deployed.  Many things I can’t talk about because those are the rules, somethings I am still working on being able to talk about overall. However, I can share some things. I am a Sniper. I have killed from far distances people who never knew it was coming and never had a moment to think about it. One shot. One kill. That is the motto and the rule. I was good at the job. Maybe to good at it.

I have been in hand to hand combat. I have killed in hand to hand combat.


I have seen friends die or become so maimed they begged to be killed.


I have had to make calls that got men, friends, brothers in arms killed.


That is what I have done and what I deal with, every day. Every moment awake or asleep it doesn’t matter. It is something that follows me. I wake up in a cold disgusting sweat more often then I wake up naturally. Because I have been haunted by the lives lost. Not the targets I took as a sniper so much and I often ask if that makes me cold. It is my Brother’s that wake me up in a cold sweat, that I see and hear every day.


Another part of my homework is to share some of the pictures my Brother’s and I used to swap. It may seem like the oddest thing in the world to take and swap pictures in the middle of a war zone, but you have to find some kind of “normal” over there. Something that is like being at home. People take pictures of their work, their jobs, their meals all of those things back home when they are being normal. So sometimes we do the same, just not usually served up on instagram or social media. Although sometimes some Brothers did.


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