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Posted by on January 13, 2014

So I was chatting with a much more social media savvy member of my family who showed me a link to a story about this organization. I have to say this is one of the most amazing things I have heard of. I love that they help children in this way, giving them positive role models, superheroes are fantastic. Moreover what they did for the little boy who lost his fight for cancer is both heart breaking and wonderful.


You can find them here: Heroes 4 Hire

From the about us:

We believe that children and adults enjoy heroes and gain inspiration from them. We want to use this platform to bring the heroes to your event or child’s party. Using this experience we want to bring a positive motivational message for the children that may help shape their future. The Hero will bring the message for the children to “Be The Hero” to their community. He will reinforce the message of doing good deeds and doing the right thing in their lives as they grow up so as to make our community a better place. He will teach them to “Turn The Bad Stuff Into Good Stuff”. In a community and time with such issues like drugs and bad decision making, this is a needed message to help give the children motivation to overcome the temptations they may face growing up. If we can reach them when they are young we can help make our community a better and safer place one child at a time! This is the message that changes and shapes the community and our future.
The message of……..”BE THE HERO”
The story is here : Source
What they did…can only be summed up here:
VIRAL PHOTO: Members of Heroes4Higher serve as pallbearers for the funeral of a 4-year-old West Virginia boy they visited during his battle with cancer.

The child never saw their faces, but as the men carried him to his final resting place, they removed their masks to honor and respect him.


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