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Posted by on May 12, 2013

I want to wish all the Mothers of all kinds a Happy Mothers day. Being a Mom is not just those who have birthed a child. Moms can be those who care for other children not their own, or even those who tend to fur kids. I know how much you need to care for the furry kids. So here is to you ALL Mom’s.

Been doing some song writing myself. It always seems to help and clear the brain.


The downside is due to some I don’t know lack of communication and conflicting? My writing has been a little bit dark as of late. It will pass of that I am sure as all things do. Just been one of those bits where things seemed to come to a new light, taking a path that might work or well at least sort itself out. Wrong on that again, silly me. At any rate getting it all out on paper and then what? Well who knows no one really does but better out then in as they say.

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