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Posted by on January 19, 2014

5 am not exactly the time that I want to be awake because I did not get enough sleep but Artemis had to go out and now I am awake for a while. So why not write on thee old blog right? Sure why not, I am supposed to be more spontaneous after all. That does not always work out but sometimes it does.

Things have been going good the last few weeks. I am actually looking forward to my next therapist appointment because we will be talking more into detail about a situation I was asked on last evening (yup you know who you are, no it is not a bad thing.). Ran out of time at the last appointment that happens so this next one full detail in the words of a cousin *makes yay hands*

Just overall things are going overall well. I made a huge positive this week by going into walmart just me and Artemis. Now I will not say it was perfect, not my most brilliant choice of time, evening Friday not the best. That said I made it. I got my items that I needed (or I wouldn’t have gone that time of day) and I made it out without having a panic attack. Now I did not have a perfect time of it when I got out, I really didn’t there was a small panic after. However for me the big achievement was going in and making it out before having the panic attack. A very big step for me and I am glad that I did it.

In other news had some fun at the ballroom last evening. Really good fun. Only needed the brain bleach once and now…I am going to try to sleep.

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