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Posted by on May 28, 2015

So treatment yesterday went pretty good. I def. feel a difference this time around and one that I think will stick, I do in fact feel more like myself. Which I think its a pretty cool thing. So what did I do to celebrate when I got back? Borrowed a bike from C and got busted by A, she is quick for a Mom 😛 yeah I fully expect to get smacked for that comment.



Then I made a list of a few things I need to do and gave myself a limit of next week to do them. Not the biggest deal in the world, one is taking my butt down to the T-mobile shop and replacing what needs replacing when I needed to take a break from all of that. Upwards and onwards.


I wish the news was better with my Mom, she is still like she is which sucks it brings me down a bit. However, like a wise woman told me I can’t let that put the brakes on everything in my life and I really cant. I have school to finish, I have a play going up for one night in less then 2 weeks and a whole bunch of other things. I still am making it a priority to go see my Mom every day but I can’t just spend all day everyday down there. I have to keep moving forward and so, I will.


Spent time time with the kiddos today as well. I owed it to everyone for all the slack they have been picking up. We had an outdoor tea party and all the dogs came..and Major did too. All in all a good day. Now just having a beer and thinking about writing a song.

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