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Posted by on December 26, 2015

First Christmas without my Mom completed. I made it through so achievement unlocked. Wasn’t so hard overall because there were so many people around and so much to do. I could have been happier in a lot of ways. Mom not being gone obviously but I accepted she wouldn’t before the holiday. So yeah other things but you have to deal with the plate you get served right?

I knew after admitting I crochet now this would happen. So not complaining A has good taste in yarn and passes it on to anyone who asked, lol so part of my gifts.


Bless my sisters heart for covering the socks and underwear this year. Granted she has been doing it the last several years since Mom could not remember to do it but it held a deeper level of meaning this year.

Thanks to C & B ect for the various camera accessories to help my budding enjoyment of photography.


Today was tough for several reasons but I think most of that is going to go into the hand written journal when I get a chance. I got the very big point out that I am likely being to open in my public spaces so reigning that in some is on the try it this way list. A is in early labor and has a cold so that has been a bit stressful and interesting. I can not imagine having the pain of contractions coming at random and the pain and upset of a chest cold. I admit I can be a man toddler when I am sick so totally feeling the pain there on what level I can relate anyways. I am totally not one of the try guys and won’t be trying that labor simulation.

Been on the move since 6 and not likely to end for hours yet. Long post Christmas day.

Next achievement to unlock in a few days….. New Years. This year not looking forward to it at all.

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