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Favorite Things
Posted by on January 25, 2013

Rain drops on roses and Whiskers on kittens… but seriously. Seems like a self serving page. However it is my blog so my choice right?


This guy. Devildog.


Thank’s to Ambs I love this cat. Has to be one of my favorite Meme’s this one..although there are hundreds of good ones.


This done by my beloved Sister who is of course a favorite thing and it is Blue which is my favorite color.


Best dance couple..oh look some blue too.


Babies..but my Nephew most of all.


I can’t thank this little girl enough she has given me a great deal of my life back and all without complaint. Day in and day out she puts on the service vest and goes with me in whatever I have to do. She is my best friend.


This page is going to be in flux….adding more as I can.


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