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Posted by on June 26, 2015


According to the therapist F.L.Y theory is First love yourself. Something I have been working hard to put into reality and work on this vacation.


I think one of the most important lessons in F.L.Y I was given is to remember this

Stop comparing yourself to others. People achieve success and fail at different rates.

I remind myself of this one daily, it is a little bit of a mantra right now but it is good to have mantras.

My Mini pack helps me keep my mantra going and they are loving this vacation as well. Can’t thank my sis enough for thinking of such a nice gift, I really needed the get away and never would have done it myself with everything else going on with my Mom and everything else.

I had a great Lunch today, although I have had one every day since I have been here and have just been to busy seeing things to sit down and blog on top of my journal writing.

Lunch for one:


Looks good right? It was. I actually don’t have a lot planned for this evening, may just wander around the area and see if there is any nightlife going on that I have not seen yet. Or I may just head back to my hotel and process a few things. Processing another thing the therapist said to always take note of and take time to do when something confuses, concerns or upsets you. Like no word from someone in a month, then out of the blue there is some contact, yup processing but hey at least there is a scenic view to process over.

Bloggy shout out to A for saying that I look like I have taken 10 years off my skin. Since she is a skin goddess that is a big compliment, I feel like I have taken 10 years off everything though really. It is amazing how when you move through some big issues that how the outside starts to reflect the better inside. Just like when all the issues and everything are weighing you down it weighs down your outside as well.


So here is to F.L.Y and Australia which is pretty awesome time to take the pack to the beach before it gets to dark then onto the wandering.



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