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Posted by on March 26, 2013

Nat Geo has a show called Doomsday Preppers. I actually do enjoy watching it because while most of the people on it I think are way over the deep end on things. it is a good thing to be prepared. I can say for one between myself, my Sister and Ambs the scouter be prepared types we have a month of supplies in case of flood, blizzard that sort of thing. It may not be the tastiest (Mre’s mostly because they do not need cold storage or electric stove) they are food and they will sustain you in an emergency. I have noticed in my watching that most of these preppers are former military a great deal of them Marines. A trend? Maybe we do end up seeing the worst of the worst in situations of war. We end up in the worst places and if you are a grunt you usually get the crap end of the food supply. So I guess I can see where one can take that leap, but really?

I hate to tell most of the preppers but if the world is going to end it is going to just end. No way to prepare for that. One fellow thought that all of the worlds nuclear power plants would go nuclear and his food supplies would be okay? Yeah no. If that happened I suspect the entire world would go into Nuclear winter and well good luck with that buddy I would rather be dead.

So this show amuses me the lengths some people go to. That is not to say it does not make some valid points. More people do need to learn how to prepare for emergencies, grow food, prepare it without all the modern stuff. The plus side watching this has made me decide to get off my ass this year and get the garden going. Had one back in MN but just have not had a chance to start one since we moved. Just spent an hour drawing out the layout and picking which foods will go into it. Thanks to moderate (usually) winters I can have a summer and winter garden. Also need to pick a nice fruit tree.

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