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Posted by on April 26, 2013

Court Jester and Chef seems to be my chief job this week. Not that I mind my Nephew is one of my favorite people in the world. He is vastly entertaining and most days I think he amuses me more than I amuse him.  He is not impressed with ANY veggie I present him and no matter how I present it to him. Big fail.

Here is just a couple we have tried so far:


So far no go. I ended up wearing most of them. Tonight I am going to try carrots in the meal so perhaps he will like those. On the bright end he really likes chicken. Beef he flings presently. Should have seen the look on my face when bits of nice cut steak went flying through the air last night. So back to chicken tonight. Darling G Mom of my nephew of course found the flinging incident funny. His Dad not to much he ended up wearing some of it.

If the weather is nice we are all going to head to the Zoo today which will be fun. I have not been to the zoo in this area yet, of course I have been assigned “Your chasing him if he gets out and runs” duty. I guess that is like official uncle job right?

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