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Posted by on December 20, 2015

Another great year of Strictly and another tough final from this arm chair judge. I think everyone did well and Jay is a deserving winner. Though really I think all the finalists were deserving in their own journey so well done.

Favorite routines from the night?

Georgia and Giovanni’s Rumba hits a lot of notes for me. Glad A gave me the “Uh..so inspiration….was..” warning on this one. Powerful number though really and well danced.

Anton & Katie’s Showdance. I loved it. I know a lot of people per the stuff on the web did not get this one. Yeah there was some bobbles on her part but it was a dance full of content. I loved the Roman theme I of course have seen that dress before lol but yeah when you consider that Katie had no dance experience coming into this season where the other finalists all had a little bit..well done really.

Then I just LOVED Kellie and Kevin’s show dance as well. This was one jam packed Lindy hop from start to finish. Not sure I could have kept up.

Starting to look like I should have just said ALL OF THEM..I did enjoy them all but yeah I have the favorites. Here comes another one Georgia and Giovanni again the show dance, which required another “Well…..inspiration” warning for me. Same couple eh A? Anyways..this was a very unique and daring dance. As well as emotional of course.

Last but not least..this was a fun opener. Love the one camera shot work.

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