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Posted by on March 5, 2013

Among my PTSD problems I was feeling very un-centered last week. I was present but not and really could not see it myself. Well the White Priestess helped me in that and I once again am prompted to post about how wonderful her help is and how she really does not seem to notice the power she has.

I now have two items that truly are making me feel more centered. I have a cage on a leather thong with two gemstones in it, Lapis Lazuli and Spessartine. Lapis is of course a holy stone to the Egyptians and has many uses, Spessartine is often known as The Warriors Stone.

She than created a sachet for me to keep under my pillow at night. I am not sure what all is in the sachet and I know better than to ask. However it has helped and I have been more centered and have slept better.

So a heart felt thank you.

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