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Posted by on April 21, 2017

I wish to keep this post, simple and stream line, because it is not for me. The first year is the hardest, one step at a time.


Posted by on April 1, 2017

Since I have some time on my hands I decided to watch a bit of Victoria the PBS/ITV period drama. I have loved every minute of it so far that I have watched, I mean seriously anyone who has seen it for even 5 minutes knows why. I was particularly for whatever reason excited about seeing how the love story of Victoria & Albert went. After all everyone knows they were one of the rarities in royal marriages, a true love match. They were passionate for one another as evidenced by the 9 children had pretty close together and of course her mourning. After her dear Albert died Queen Victoria never came out of mourning. I would have to check my facts but if I recall correctly she wore nothing but black for the rest of her life (and inspired the famous common black dresses ect we think of when we think of the Victorian age I believe), she also withdrew for the most part from public life.

For me this scene is the moment that she truly fell in love with Albert even if she wouldn’t admit it. I mean the man cut open his shirt to keep her flowers against his heart. That is an intense passion right there. I feel fore Lord M in this scene he loves the Queen no doubt about that it is as clear as her affection for him. He handles the whole situation with perfect grace and dignity though. He knew he wouldn’t be able to marry Victoria it just wouldn’t happen and despite her also clear affection for him she knew he had to let her go. The wince when she gives his flowers to Albert is heart breaking, but still what a class act. The way this scene is filmed and the way the Waltz is played out, artistic beauty. I am a sucker for a good love story especially when being told is a stunning and artistic way. The whole show makes me want to go out and get a good pair of hessian boots, maybe even with red tops.

Alright enough of my sappy prattle eh?

Posted by on January 16, 2017


Well this may be the last Musical Monday Meme post that I do here, but it might not be either. After events that have occured in the last 36 or so hours, I am not really feeling like the blog is worth the bother. That could be a knee jerk reaction though, so since I still have two days before I have to pay for the domain again for another year, I am going to take the two days and do the pro con thing. Sure might seem like I have been wishy washy over it but I guess sometimes you should not make a choice hastily and put real thought into it, even if it seems like something fairly simple such as renewing a blog domain. Even the simple things have a ripple into other things. What was that movie which kind of went about that? The butterfly affect? Maybe I could be wrong. Anyways I promised A I would be doing her lovely Musical Monday and so I am keeping my word on that for as long as I can at any rate.

I have to say that Amby nailed the song for Monday and it feels like anything I pick will just be a second best kind of thing. Beyond that though man all the nostalgia that song brought back! It made me dig into the old CD stash and start listing to songs again, I forgot just how much I loved listing to Oasis. That seems a silly thing to forget since both A and myself spent a very good junk of teenage and young adult lives being a bit obsessive about the great British band. The concerts! The amusing times trying to get to the concerts! Her very cute obsession with Noel over Liam. I will say I like Liam and his voice is unique,  but it is hard to disagree with her statement that Noel was the backbone of Oasis. The man could play guitar, write killer lyrics and of course sing. Liam had the more unique voice by far but Noel’s is a little easier on the ears if that makes any sense at all, I know A gets it.

Of course digging into the CD’s means I am going to end up selecting my Musical Monday song from the same band, but not the same song even if its tempting damn you cousin ha ha. Other things that listening to these songs again has reminded me is just how differently people can look at the very same event or words. Music is the prime example of how that can happen. A song usually means something completely different to every person who hears it. Music is a magical thing and it makes people feel (when done right) but it is always interesting to me to see how two separate people can feel two very different emotions or feel the lyrics differently from the same song. I think that happens more in life then a lot of people think. Anyways I really should not write a novel for a musical post right? So maybe a novel later, I don’t know. I am feeling, well in general not very good physically and emotionally. So without any more pre-amble here is my Musical Monday Song:

Posted by on December 26, 2016

It may be the 26th now, but this song goes out to my fellow service men who were away from their loved ones this Holiday season. There are a lot of things that make the Holiday’s hard for a great many people, but to me I will always feel it is those men and women who proudly protect our country who have it the hardest. That could be a biased POV but I am willing to embrace that.

Forgot how much I really loved this song until my cousin started strumming it on my guitar. The lyrics all came back as if they had never been gone in the first place. No matter what side of the fight you are on, we are all humans, we all have family and people who love and care about us.

So here’s hoping we all live to find another way.

Heavens not beyond the clouds its just beyond the fear.

Posted by on March 14, 2016

Was not going to do Musical Monday this week as I have slacked about it anyways and I have not felt very musical the last couple days. However, dropping in and visiting A while she was at work I happened to come up as she was singing this song a capella just because. Stuck with me big time. Great song anyways but yeah one of those moments where without knowing it she was doing the right thing at the exact moment it was needed.

Posted by on January 4, 2016

I did this one once or twice last year. I made a comment to A that I would be doing it a little more this year. I mean come on I am supposed to be the music guy in the house right? Duh. So to start off the year using one of my favorite songs that round out the end of the year. A co-written work that was sung as a duet and blew everything out of the water in epic fashion on Empire.

Posted by on November 29, 2015

The ladies of strictly can do my laundry anytime they like. My luck I would end up like poor Kevin there at the end. Still likely worth it 😉 p.s I see you V ;P i won’t tell to many people you were a stand in.

Fun number and since it is technically Monday I will make it my musical Monday for this week.

Posted by on November 19, 2015

Coming to you from really high up in the sky somewhere near an Island called England…how is that for specific 😉

I may just be easily amused that I have access to the web up here. Novel I know.

Lady next to me has been chatting for most of the trip. She thinks the pups are the cutest thing on the planet..and so well behaved and all that. She is nice but I finally got my earbuds in so I could just kind of chill and listen to some music. I am not a good flyer. Should be landing in about an hour though if the winds keep going in the right direction. Thumbs up.

So just hit this song on ye ole playlist and since I hear a certain gestating gal has been swaying with a flash light and or lighter 😉

Posted by on November 19, 2015

A lovely thought for the morning. Sadly sometimes she decides to pull away where you can no longer reach no matter what you do. That is life.


At any rate the bags are backed. I got the smoke house done. Nailed it if I do say so myself. The pups are ready to go and DD is yelling at me to get a move on now buster. Just waiting on the Uber. I did warn the driver there would be dogs and a bossy cat and luggage, lol.


Forward on we go! To thanksgiving in England! Yeah I know that is a confusing statement but she who is working and gestating sets the location for the food feast. Words to live by gestating wins everything.

If those are the only wise words I leave for anyone let those be it. Anyways…..forward we go to do the airport tango.


Got the ipod too of course…I totally missed Musical Monday better late then never:

Posted by on November 10, 2015

Alright friend of mine dared me to make a crochet wallet so I did. Guess what he is getting for Christmas?


Took me about a month. I am not all that good at this craft yet but I will finally admit that I am doing it. There is a certain relaxation that comes with spending a little time working on the project. So yeah A you win. I am a dude and I crochet. Manly things.

Also going to be following A and her Musical Monday posts because Music is life and very enjoyable. So here is one that has been on the local Tucson stations if I took the horn as bit.

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