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Posted by on March 28, 2017

Goodie goodie gum drops. The worst happened and old injury had flared up. To clean out the abscess to keep it from going into a full bone infection had to break my jaw in two spots and wire it back up. Good times right?

Went under having two different kinds of panic attacks so that was GREAT fun. Really. No seriously I don’t recommend being put under anesthesia why you are having not one but two panic attacks, it makes for a pretty miserable “night night” time.

I like Milkshakes but I already know the novelty is going to wear off very quickly. Last time it took about a week but oh I was younger then. Now I am just sighing and thinking about chewing gum or eating a big juicy steak. Yeah that one put in my head *face palm*.

I don’t get to work for a while either which is kind of something that ticks me off. I guess the bright side is I can catch up on my writing? Maybe even a few movies? Trying to find the silver lining. It isn’t easy because I am seriously NOT seeing one. Maybe the medication? Yeah I hate the feeling that happens when you have serious meds on board so not so much there either.

Ah well tomorrow I might get to try apple sauce. Yum yum. I think even the babies are laughing at me right now.

Posted by on November 19, 2015

A lovely thought for the morning. Sadly sometimes she decides to pull away where you can no longer reach no matter what you do. That is life.


At any rate the bags are backed. I got the smoke house done. Nailed it if I do say so myself. The pups are ready to go and DD is yelling at me to get a move on now buster. Just waiting on the Uber. I did warn the driver there would be dogs and a bossy cat and luggage, lol.


Forward on we go! To thanksgiving in England! Yeah I know that is a confusing statement but she who is working and gestating sets the location for the food feast. Words to live by gestating wins everything.

If those are the only wise words I leave for anyone let those be it. Anyways…..forward we go to do the airport tango.


Got the ipod too of course…I totally missed Musical Monday better late then never:

Posted by on November 18, 2015

So flight got delayed and I have had some time on my hands this week. I suppose normal people would have just blew the time off or slept or who knows. Alas there seems to be a gene in the family that makes us want to be productive with time off. I don’t have it as bad as some (yeah you know who I am looking at) but I got a wild hair. I decided to build a smokehouse in the backyard. Nothing as good as nice smoked meat right? So why not do it yourself. As I write it is about half done. The plan is to get it finished today as I fly out on Thursday. That is the plan anyways. I am pretty happy with how it is turning out so far and maybe if I am nice I can place the pork and beef order a little early so I can test out my new smoker when I get back from across the pond.

Yum yum. Smoked Jerky is in my future.

Posted by on June 3, 2014

Hello again USA nice to be back. Although I have to say I actually really did like London a great deal. As did my dear Artemis. Perhaps someday I will live there, I know a nice cottage out in the country part I could take over, if I manage to barricade myself in first. A might get a little peevy though, maybe if I keep it clean?

So back in the USA and enjoying a USA only beer. Cheers.


Posted by on February 7, 2014

Among family and friends it is no secret thanks to my PTSD I have not been out to a formal eatery in a long time. I can handle the drive through and cooking at home. I have been making strides in that recently though and thanks to Arty being able to come with me I went to dinner at the hottest local eatery. My family has been raving about this place since it opened. They offered to bring food home for me but I never wanted that choice because let’s face it never tastes as good.

Thanks to Arty I get it. I really get it.





Posted by on February 4, 2014

Having a long day again, have not been sleeping for a shit. Even the sleep medications are not helping much. I am sure it is just a cycle, and I will eventually sleep well again but man I wish it didn’t have to be such a pain in my ass. On the upswing I made a pretty awesome lunch for myself to enjoy at work.



What is that you say just some kind of salad, no need to be proud of that. Oh but it is more then a salad and come on I packed it myself. It is actually a healthy pasta salad, pasta in a healthy Bolognese sauce. I call this a win win kind of meal. Proud of making it and happy to eat it.

Back to work 😉

Posted by on January 29, 2014

I spent a rousing couple of hours talking about the proper way to do a couple of things. As a “bloody colonial” (said in jest of course), I apparently do many things wrong. This is not kept to spelling or calling things a cookie instead of a biscuit and elevator instead of lift ect. This apparently (and okay I did get educated on this one before) includes eating a scone with butter.

The proper way to eat a scone is with clotted cream and jam and a perfect brew. Not coffee my fellow Americans, tea of course.

I was even supplied with pictorial guide lines:


Useful the picture and all now to me that clotted cream looks a lot like butter. I know it isn’t I have had it, still it LOOKS like butter. Why can’t I eat my scone with butter?

My own pictorial guideline:

buttered scone

See nothing wrong with a buttered scone. Ah well it was all in good fun and I actually enjoying doing the comparison thing with different foods.  Now if we can just get the use of the word Football right…

Posted by on January 27, 2014

Three posts in one day this might be a record for me, seriously. However I just learned how to schedule and I will admit the Fic post was posted yesterday for scheduling today. Still I will embrace what progress I do make as I am supposed to. I made progress.

I grabbed this one from the shares over at Feels like Home, somehow I KNEW that box was a little light and missing some of the best stuff! I knew it I KNEW IT. *points an accusing finger*

That said I am glad I found the blog and this one because I had no idea what to make for another freezing day here.

Chicken and dumplings it is.

chicken and dumplings bowl

Posted by on January 26, 2014

Is there such a thing as Linner? Well I am going to say there is because I am pretty sure it is to early for Dinner and to late for Lunch at this point but the food was done and I was hungry.  One nice thing about Sunday for me is that I do not usually have to much of a schedule so I tend to call it my, Do what I want day.



So I did roast and gravy, taters and vege for Sunday food, tossed it all in the slow cooker per the borrowed recipe this morning and I have to say I did pretty good on it. Bit of a classic Sunday food I suppose but hit the spot for me. Next item up is probably a little writing or reading. We will see which one shakes out.

Posted by on January 13, 2014

So not having the fam around to cook I am getting better at it myself. Not that I couldn’t make basics for myself, I could. However it is nice to reach out and be working on more then just the basics. It also helps that I have a certain cousin’s recipe box and tonight I made one that turned out very good if I do say so.



I did not make my own penne noodles those are just what I got from the store so short cut there. The sauce is all fresh made though and I am rather content with how it turned out. I won’t share the full recipe unless I get permission (she can be a guard dog about them sometimes lol) but the sauce consists of Spices, Fresh tomatos, fresh onion, fresh garlic and bacon.

I am one full devil dog.


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