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Posted by on January 19, 2013

As often happens after I see the migraine I slept a while and can not get back to sleep. Not really a big surprise though for me anyways. I checked on the household and everyone else is sleeping well, so that is a good thing. One nice thing to having a relative who is on a way different time zone (not that she sleeps anyways most of the time) is at least I could touch base with her. I did not have to feel bad about waking her as she was awake.

Devildog seems to think I am rather an insane human for disturbing his sleep. However he has been through much worse so he just snuggled back up and went back to sleep after I got up.

I found this poem that I thought I would post here, I think it sums up what a lot of families, and Marines think about in times of war.

Raging pain,
To remain is insane,
My life once bright,
Is now a fight,
Gun’s and Bombs,
They hit the ground,
Send men all over running around,
They fight to make a favored view,
Not close to heart but close to you,
One man he falls,
And now the walls,
Around his home come crashing down,
Miles away they await thier turn,
The darkness sets in after glowing skies,
The moon it shines, 
But doesn’t make a me want to keep mine,
They fight so we can live a new,
They fight not just for me and you,
They fight for the reason they should,
To spread peace throughout ,
And as he said a long ago,
These poppies grow in a row,
They stand so tall, like our own soldiers,
They are our life, of years behold her,
He left a famil behind,
To make a life as a marine,
I hope this get right to you,
On Novemember 11th we pray for you.

By: Morgan Mitchell


On that note I am going to close out this post. I will probably post something more cheery later today. Maybe anyways. I suppose I could make a certain dancing girl happy and post some photos of her favorite Brit.

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