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Posted by on June 1, 2014

Paperback, 448 pages
Published January, 2nd 1996 by Orion

0786889837 (ISBN13: 9780786889839)

This dead-on convincing thriller about a woman law enforcer’s fevered pursuit of a criminal abounds with the authenticity Nancy Taylor Rosenberg brings to it. As a former investigator, she offers intimate knowledge of how crime and punishment really work-on both sides of the law.

Set in the crowded courts and glamorous suburbs of Southern California, this compulsively readable novel tells the story of Lily Forrester, a feisty, dedicated District Attorney on the rise in her professional career and on the brink in her private life. Newly appointed as Chief of the Sex Crimes Division, Lily is eager to plunge into a job she has long coveted. At the same time, she is coping with a floundering marriage and the lure of a man to whom she is strongly attracted.

All that keeps Lily’s marriage together and keeps her from losing herself entirely in work is her quirky thirteen-year-old daughter, Shana. But when an intruder invades Lily’s home and commits an unspeakable act, Lily Forrester heads out on a trial of vengeance beyond any law but that of her own rage. With one shattering act, her life spins out of control into a realm of unimaginable uncertainty. Suddenly, she is agonizingly alone, with a circle of danger closing in around her, leaving her no place to run, no place to hide, and no one to trust. For Lily Forrester has already gone too far to turn back.

My Review:

This book was the first that she put out in 1993 and it was a strong lead. It asks a lot of questions, moral ones and would you do what was done by the main character? How far would you go to protect your children or avenge them? I think I know my answer on that, however, we all have to find our own. It is well written and easy to feel like you are connected with the main characters of this book. I am not Anti gun like some in the book, but I do think it should be harder for people in the US to get a hold of them. It’s a good book, strong from an author I enjoy. It was good to re-read.



My rating in the end: 5 bows

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