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Posted by on February 21, 2014

Paperback, 448 pages
Published June 1st 1994 by Signet
0451184327 (ISBN13: 9780451184320)

Lara Sanderstone is a young, dedicated judge when her sister is brutally murdered and life spins out of control. She finds herself coping with her troubled fourteen-year-old nephew and the shocking possibility that he is connected to the murder. Then the presiding judge accuses Lara of impropriety and social services try to take her nephew away. Suddenly Lara realises she is no longer the judge, but the judged. When the investigation uncovers shocking facts about the life her sister was leading, Lara is horrified to realise that she may have been the intended target. Now not only Lara’s job, but her life is on the line …

My Review:

Another huge hit in the legal thriller area. I love the knowledge that Nancy Taylor Rosenberg shows when she writes a book. You can see the truth in the legal scenes and how they play out. More then once you will sigh and wonder why the system is the way it is sometimes but you know that is how it is because we have seen it at work. Judge Sandstone (Lara) has to take her nephew in when her Sister and Brother in Law are murdered and because she was estranged for years it is a huge adjustment. Aside from that is the fact that there is a Murder close to home and she wants to see it solved. Throw in some danger and drug related crimes and you have an intense book which keeps you on the edge of the chair while reading.

For me there were a few plot points I found a little bit weak which is why 4 bows not 5, but the points were not enough to keep the book from being a winner.


My rating in the end: 4 bows

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