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Posted by on June 3, 2014

Paperback, 368 pages
Published February, 1st 2005 by Hyperion

0786889837 (ISBN13: 9780786889839)

As a dedicated district attorney, Lily Forrester presents the perfect image of a defender of justice. Only she knows the dark secret of what happened six years ago, when a desperate crisis drove her to step outside the law and exact a horrifying personal vengeance. Now her ex-husband, faced with serious criminal charges, threatens to expose her unless she compromises her most cherished beliefs to help him. A violent rapist she put behind bars is back on the streets and looking for her. Her beloved daughter seems to be the target of a dangerous madman. And Lily must call on her deepest strength to face her accusers and ensure that the values she holds most dear will triumph. In this taunt new thriller, Nancy Taylor Rosenberg displays the brilliant legal expertise and dramatic flair that have made her books classics of suspense. This long-awaited novel, filled with her trademark intriguing, complex characters and explosive storylines is a surefire recipe for success. Both dedicated fans and first-time readers will be both thrilled and satisfied. This is Nancy Taylor Rosenberg at her nail-biting best. A selection of the Literary Guild and the Doubleday Book Club.

My Review:

Another solid installment of this series, I would not call it a stand alone if you truly want to understand what is going on you need to read the first one. That said it is a fantastic book and if you are into the series you will enjoy this one. Again a second read for me but one that I really enjoyed visiting again. The characters are interesting and you can feel connected with them. I have seen some people comment that they question every move of the characters that they make and frankly I dislike that. A book is a book and I enjoy the book, its intense and thrilling as a crime novel should be.



My rating in the end: 4 bows

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