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Posted by on November 14, 2015

First things first. Love and prayer to Paris. Know that we stand with you in this time of darkness and that those who have committed these horrendous crimes will answer for them.

With that said it is indeed a bit of a mixed bag for me today. I was supposed to be heading over to London to check in on A and family as well as get checked in on where I will be having my first teaching intern gig as it were. I might add that many of my classmates hate that I will be doing it in England. Told them sorry not sorry I have awesome family. Due to the events in Paris I will not be flying today. Not because flights have been canceled to London or anything but because the idea of things sent A into a full fledge anxiety meltdown. It is much easier to delay a few days then bring on anxiety, worry and pain for the ones you love. Preggy always wins. Love you A don’t worry a thing about me delaying was very easy to change the ticket.

Not only that but guess how much I had finished packing? Yeah that would be zero. I got all the packing done for the dogs! Myself not so much. DD is all packed and excited to go (he really likes his carrier) but nope not a thing packed for myself. Not my usual style but well things happen right? So at least I have some more time to pack.

So I will be in London in a few days. I stand with Paris now and through that time though. So now that I have a free Saturday what am I going to do with it. I know I should pack for myself but na what fun is that. I think I am going to re roof the hay storage shed because it looks like it needs it and it is finally not boiling temperature. Then I am going to see if I can make any headway on this project thing I am working on. Pretty sure I know a group of nice ladies who think I am hopeless but cute…so lets run with the cute. I think I even got patted on the head at one point.


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