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Posted by on December 12, 2016

It has been a stupid amount of time since I have written here. It actually makes me feel bad that I don’t blog as much as I used to. I still journal, of course, but there is so much that has gone on in the last few months I could have shared with the “world” as it was, or interwebs as it was. On the flip side, sometimes I wonder if I should let the blog go all together as I don’t really use it much anymore. Choices to be made I suppose, I have a bit of time to choose as this domain expires in the middle of Jan. Or maybe I could get a different fresh new take on everything, new domain new blog. Alas, I am not as creative in that area as my cousin and this blog has become a little like a home to me in some sense and the .info is unique in my family bunch of .com people, lol.

Anyways, now after that bit of a ramble time to start going to cover the topic of this post. Good ole cousin A has blown in like a wind storm again this week, to haul my rear end out of the jungle and back to civilized society. With her also comes documentaries and currently there is an interesting Documentary from 2012 about Great Britain’s benefit cap. Watching it has me asking so many questions, and thinking about so many things. The very first thing that comes to mind is that Great Britain seems to have a very generous with the benefits then the United states. The second thing is that just like the US there are people who complain about people getting benefits at all. Those high on the hog welfare folks as they tend to say in the US. The third thing is that the benefits cap that they introduced seem to do a lot of harm to some good and honest people. My favorite thing about this documentary is that it is not itself, saying one side or wrong or right and I like the voice over of things actually said by MP’s (I think that is what they are called lol) and other folks things like “This is not some punitive thing there will not be any kind of mass homelessness that happens because of the benefit cap”. As we see family after family being made homeless, kicked out of houses they have lived in for 20 some years, forced to places outside of their family support network (which is so needed for single Mother’s.) and even losing jobs. So now time to look at these three main points.

The first: They seem more generous with their benefits

Watching some people on this show (and other benefits programs/docs) I think that if people got these kinds of benefits in the US there would be a massive infarction among those who hate welfare. How many times have we seen posts, articles, comments, everything else shouting about how dare these people with SNAP benefits take my hard earned money. Things about what they should and should not be allowed to buy with SNAP and all those welfare Queens out there.

The real truth in the US for sure, is that while I am sure there are some ways to game the system, it is not as rampant as many seem to say. Moreover, so what if someone on SNAP wants to get a little cake for their kid or themselves. All humans deserve a little treat some or not. There is also the fact that so many people don’t understand how SNAP actually works. You can ONLY buy food items, no fast food or anything like that and no beer or wine or anything else. Food only means food only people. Not only that, but very little tax money goes into SNAP benefits compared to other things. Seriously, if you don’t know exactly who gets tax breaks take a look for a moment at where the money goes. Just a little note, not comprehensive at all. If you make $50,000 a year you are going to pay $4,000 to corporate subsidies, $6.96 for Welfare and $43.78 to SNAP. Are you really going to say that $43.78 is to much to pay per year for people to be able to eat? Really? Well, if you do screw you Mr. Grinch we have bigger problems in the US and no one should have to go hungry ever.

Now in my experience and I do not claim to be an expert, but in the US it is very hard for single people with no children to get any help. Until the affordable care act they usually didn’t get health care, they got no welfare cash and get a small amount of SNAP. It depends on what state you live in of course, but this is a basic across the board. In England, single people seem to get a bit more, not as much as those with children of course. They have food benefit, housing benefit and money to spend on other things as well. I can just imagine what some of the people in the US would be like if that was the case, since they have a fit over people being able to eat.

The second: Ah I guess I kinda covered that one in the first spot too. Whoops.

The third: Benefits cap is hurting people

Now this documentary was 2012-2013 and maybe things have changed a bit since, but so many families were uprooted and harmed by that cap. Some of the rules of the cap were really odd too. I can see why people got so upset and stressed. One woman literally stopped eating so she could ensure her children ate, even though she was still trying to breastfeed one little one. Her milk dried up, of course, but she was trying to make sure her kids have a home and food and she was trying to get to work too. Only to find out that a stop gap measure had been ensuring she got her money from the get go, but they didn’t tell her that for a good length of time. There was so much stress she didn’t have to go through, and she didn’t have to have her health effected. That one really got to me, especially because unlike the view of so many people with these “lazy people” sitting around, she was trying to get work, a single mom and trying hard but she could not get a job.

Sometimes it is really eye opening to watch these specials. I also think that the rent a lot of private landlords in London are charging is highway robbery. Makes me want to buy up a bunch of places and rent them out AFFORDABLY to families. If wishes were horses right?

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