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Posted by on January 29, 2016

Took a bit longer to feel settled back in to London this time around. Likely because of a lot of the up in the air feelings floating around about other things right now. I had a fun bit of shenanigans in LA before coming which was nice so there is that of course. Maybe I am reading situations wrong or maybe I am just the optimistic idiot. Who knows. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Up early again this morning because I still have not adjusted to the time difference and there is some wicked winds going on out there today in London. Ouch. Seriously very loud. Maybe London wanted to turn on it’s big wind for the release of the Finest Hours today. The good side of having trouble getting to sleep is that I was able to complete a little thing for a student called a twiddle mitt.

Making the twiddle mitt (check instagram for more about it) really made me feel that in everything that feels screwed up and up in the air in life I made the right call with continuing my education and becoming a teacher. I really do love my students and this is just as a TA intern guy, but I enjoy working with them. I enjoy puzzling out and finding new ways to help them learn and feel more comfortable in class. My biggest worry is that by the time I get my certification all the uniqueness will be sucked out of the American school systems. Things have gone down hill since no child left behind and it just seems to be getting worse. I am glad they got rid of no child left behind finally but still unless children are in a private school it seems teachers are all a bit cookie cutter. Maybe that is just what I have seen lately but I know I do not want to be cookie cutter.

I want to help students. I want to help them not just get by but thrive with school. I want students who are autistic or have other issues to be able to learn in a way that makes them excited about learning! You can’t take students like that shove them in a desk for hours and just make them learn in a cookie cutter way. I don’t think any child learns well that way but especially those with unique issues coming to the table. I won’t be a cookie cutter teacher. If I do one thing right in my life make it that because I want to help as many kids as possible. They deserve it.

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