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Posted by on January 19, 2013

My nephew is a genius. Okay well he probably is not but as a proud Uncle I will say he is anyways. I never did get back to sleep until I took a nap not to long ago with my nephew. Spent most of the day playing with him, games that kids play and just seem to enjoy. I can see why they enjoy them and found it rather peaceful.

It also gave me some time to think about things as mentioned in previous posts (or perhaps just in my head.). One thing I have given thought to is what to do in terms of my RP stories. When I was deployed and such there was not much time for things, alas now I do have that time. Shocking enough the migraine all but prescribed RP for me. I guess it is supposed to help rebuild things, I can see that. The down turn is in the RP I chose for the most part can only go so far at this point. I could create an alt but that is not something I personally do. I like to have one character that can be in my story line. So what do I do? The obvious thought that most Rp folks would say is that perhaps the character has run it’s course and it is time to write the end to it. I can not disagree with that it is the logical thing to do when a Character seems to be at it’s end with what it can do. You write a noble (or not depending on the character) ending and go from there. I am not really sure I want to take on the process of creating a new character but perhaps it would be a good thing for me.

I have spoke with Ambs on the issue as she is the story line Goddess and she while not overly pleased with my line of thought, agreed if it was the only way for things to move forward it was logical. Of course she pointed out I could break my usual trend of the numbers I keep on my chain, but also stated she knew I wouldn’t. For me it is a point of honor I set my choice and there I keep it. Period. It is also a point of quality in the time spent when it is. I have never understood how those with a chain a mile long can keep up and keep the drama out. Of course that does not happen in SL drama is drama and will always be so. I am sure some can keep things settled with multiple. Me my limit is two. I am at that limit, although Bastet is more of a safety thing because I got tired of seeing the poor thing harassed everywhere she went. Brilliant rper who people are just to ignorant to sit and play with.

Given the way the wind is blowing (not saying it is a bad thing) it looks like Veryan’s time will soon be at an end. It was a good run, not perfect I have made mistakes in RP but don’t we all as we do in real life? Maybe things will change on the story front and his time may not be at an end. I can accept however that it looks like they will be.

In unrelated meandering of my mind that is me as of late. I have to ask Ambs if the package is ready to be mailed. She did leave it here in my care although I now debate the appropriateness of my Christmas gift.

One Response to “All good things..”

  1. Melda says:

    A gift can never be inappropiate, it comes from the heart and any true friend would appreciate it.
    I have no say in whether or not your story ends, but if his does.. so does Melda’s. It is up to you though.

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